Mediation is a process that helps the parties in a dispute resolve a conflict without the necessity of court intervention   The mediation process has been codified in California Evidence Code sections 1115-1128. Mediators are neutrals and do not represent either party to a dispute. Mediators are not judges and cannot force decisions. In mediation the parties themselves discuss and reach a settlement, aided by the mediator. Vivian Carlson’s mediation practice centers on the resolution of family law matters such as dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership, custody of children,  parentage, support, wills, and probate.

In dissolution proceedings, Vivian Carlson meets with the parties and guides them through the entire process. She prepares the required forms, helps resolve all the issues involved, prepares a written agreement, also known as the Settlement Agreement and obtains the Judgment, the court document finalizing the dissolution.

Successful Dissolution Mediation

Mediation is best conducted between parties who are reasonably certain of their assets and are committed to the process of mediation.
Poor communication between spouses does not bar successful mediation. In mediation, the parties are encouraged and empowered to express their grievances or misgivings in order to establish a businesslike atmosphere.

Length of Mediation

The length of mediation depends on the legal and factual complexities, communication styles and candor of the parties. One of the most demanding aspects of a dissolution is the requirement of full disclosure of assets and liabilities. There are strict procedural rules regarding disclosures of assets and liabilites in family law matters. Mediation is streamlined when the parties can complete the paperwork required by law with minimal assistance of the mediator. Even with the rigors of full disclosure,  most mediated dissolution cases with attorney Vivian Carlson are completed in far less time than a traditional dissolution.