Low Cost Divorce Attorney

The San Jose law office of Vivian Carlson offers low cost divorce alternatives to those seeking to keep their costs to a minimum:

  • Educate yourself about the divorce process. It will help you decide how to control the process and make educated decisions.  Superior Court websites are a good source. Each county in California has its own website.
  •  Decide what is worth fighting over, and what isn’t.
  • Hire an affordable lawyer. There is a large range of per hour fees. There are lawyers who will charge a flat fee for certain services. Shop around.
  •  You can avoid using lawyers. Superior Courts in California have self-help clinics to help with document preparation. The self help clinics will not appear in court for you.
  • Use a lawyer in a limited fashion. You may need help on a few steps in the process. This is called limited scope representation. Read the article in this website about limited scope representation.
  • If you and your spouse/domestic partner, are willing to cooperate and maintain a goal of working together on your legal matter, consider the use of a mediator. Mediation aims to keep emotional issues on the backburner.

Santa Clara County Judgment Attorney

carlson mediaionVery often laypersons who submit the paperwork to obtain a finalization of his/her dissolution in Santa Clara County  fail to complete or submit the required documents properly.    The error may be something as simple as an unchecked box on the Judgment form or  failure to provide proof of service of disclosure documents.   The list is endless.   The most vexing problem is that a return of rejected documents may take several weeks to be returned by the clerk’s office.   The process starts over when the corrections are made and resubmitted to the clerk of the court.  The San Jose office of Vivian Carlson may be employed to correct documents and obtain the approval of a dissolution or legal separation Judgment packet.